There are an enormous measure of expensive MIDI controllers out there. A couple are consoles, some just have handles and a few others are drum controllers. The vast majority of these controllers have modestly high costs, over $100, however there is one controller that will offer all these quirks into a reduced controller for $50. The Korg nanopad2 is a change over the first nanopad. It is mind blowing for anyone from an apprentice to master. I LOVE that this controller takes up almost no work area space. An enormous issue with purchasing MIDI controllers is that they typically are huge and you could just have a couple of controllers in your space. Korg has contemplated that and fabricated this incredible controller. This will fit into practically any studio setup and is amazing for travel!

This MIDI controller offers various unbelievable gimmicks. Most importantly else it has 16 cushions. This controller has 4 different scenes, inferring that you can have 4 pages of cushions. Thusly you will have the capacity to have up to 64 notes. The uncommon thing about this controller is it has a XY cushion. This cushion can be designated to whatever you pick, yet it additionally has some form in peculiarities. The XY cushion can control the move capacity. Moving your finger over the cushion can bring about the move to get speedier. A to a great degree momentous peculiarity of the XY cushion is the thing that Korg calls the touch scale. It is particularly useful on the off chance that you are using a melodic instrument. Case in point, a piano or guitar, instead of drums. Shortly when you slide your finger over, it will play notes up the scale. You can find that this is useful for ad libbing a song.

So why would you require this?

This controller can be a remarkable expansion to your studio. It goes hand in hand with the Korg supervisor programming, which provides for you an opportunity to change the mapping of your controller without scarcely lifting a finger. The drum cushions have a truly pleasant feel. The speed delicate cushions are staggering when finger drumming. It scarcely consumes up any space around your work area and works from one usb rope. There is an entryway arp characteristic which could be valuable for an expansive number of reasons. At last, its XY cushion makes for phenomenal live exhibitions and mechanization purposes. With this current controller’s low value point, it offers a ton of value for your money!